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Handwriting is not just a function of the hand . . . .

Beginning in the brain, the writing impulse travels through the nerves, into the hand holding the writing instrument, and flows out through the ink trail left on paper. An accumulation of thousands of visual and auditory experiences, handwriting reveals how you have integrated all that you have seen and heard throughout your lifetime.

Handwriting reveals your potentials, but it cannot foretell the future. Whether you fulfill your potentials or not is entirely up to you.

Handwriting is a mirror of your inner self.
What does yours reflect . . .?

Find out more about yourself, your boss, your wife, friend, lover, or your mother-in-law.

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Handwriting Analyzer Key Benefits :

Employers » View applicants in a whole new way
Psychologists » Identify clients' issues before the first meeting
Educators » Help problem students improve behavior
Individuals » Understand your intimate partner's needs and motivation
Handwriting Analysts » Join hundreds of professional using our software
No need to spend hour writing reports, we do it for you! Better save your time to promote your business.

World's most advanced handwriting analyzer; ideal for business.
Assesses hundreds of handwriting characteristics.
Turns out a report of up to 3 pages, PLUS graphs.
Job/personality matching feature.
Easy to do. Match your writing against actual samples.

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