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Download and Installation Instructions :

Download Instructions

Once you select Download the Software, your Internet Browser will prompt you to save the file.
Select Save and a Directory box will pop up, asking you to select a directory where you want to save the file.
Remember where you save the file!
After you have selected a directory and click on OK, the download will begin. Some browsers don't tell you when the download is complete, but when you no longer see the download counter or screen, you can continue with the installation.

Click Here to Download the Demo Software (Slsetup.exe)

Netscape Users: You may need to hold the Shift Key before you click on the link..
Note: You will download the Demo Only!
Existing users who wish to upgrade to version 5.0 Please E-mail to RI Software, Inc

Click here to Download the Getting Started Tutorial. It is included with the above program.
The Tutorial explores most of the features of the Handwriting Analyzer.

* Remember, in demo mode you may only select FROM a preselected list of illustrations.
Press the Next button or the right mouse button to advance to each available selection.
You must make at least 6 selections before the Report, Graph, or Pie Chart buttons
will become available to you.

Installation Instructions

To install Sheila Lowe's Professional handwriting Analyzer, go to the directory you selected for the download and locate the file, Slsetup.exe.
To run the program, select File, Run, and enter the directory name and Slsetup.exe.

Purchasing Info

If you like the Sheila Lowe's Handwriting Analyzer and would like to purchase a copy,
Please E-mail RI Software, Inc your name and/or your organization name. (40 Characters Max each. ).

To pay by credit card Please contact Sheila Lowe at (California USA) 1-805-658-0109.
Your card will be charged the day we ship/E-mail your registration.

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