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Company News: - Handwriting can reveal hundreds of personality traits
Read: Las Vegas Sun: "The Write Direction"  January 31, 1999
Listen to the Radio Interview on CNet 12/30/98  (Windows Media Format)
See What Monica Lewinsky's Handwriting Analysis says...
See What Bill Clinton's Handwriting Analysis says...
9/29/97 See HRWire Article
9/09/97 The Denver Post Interview with Sheila Lowe about the JonBenet Ramsey note
Today's Show with Mr. Peter Boyles Denver's Largest Radio Talk Show

Upcoming Events:

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September 13

Santa Barbara, California -

lecture to Women CPA organization

September 17

Reading, Pennsylvania seminar by Sheila Lowe - Personality Development and Handwriting, and the Addictive Personality. Contact:




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