What's New
Information on product upgrades and enhancements

What's New in Version 6.0:

  • The software was completely rewritten in 32-bits. Windows 3.1 is no longer supported
  • As for every new release version 6.x is introducing new upgraded analysis engine including additional attributes and handwriting characteristics for more accurate results. In fact many new illustrations have been added.
  • Results Review *
    The Results Review is an audit report that allows you to see exactly which items combined to produce the results obtained.
  • Vocational Interest Graph *
    The Vocational Interests Graph is based on six general vocational types. In the graph, each type is ranked according to the writer's suitability for the careers included in the type.
  • Relationship add on
    Thumbnail Reports
    Eight easily accessible Thumbnail Reports

What's New in Version 5.0:

  • Relationship add on
    • Personal Relationship Graph
      • Graph view for specific relationship attributes, eight personality types
    • Thumbnail Report
      • This Report describes the primary personality type for the selected analysis
    • Compatibility Report
      • How two people are likely to interact in a personal relationship
  • Second Person Report
    • For those who prefer the more personal approach
  • Dynamic Folders
    • Now you can keep each client's files in a separate folder
  • New and Improved Analysis Engine
    • New samples have been added and some previous ones reorganized
    • Even greater accuracy
    • New Categories
  • Online Manual (In PDF Format)
    • In addition to the existing Context Sensitive help and the Getting started tutorial

* Professional version only

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