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Handwriting of the Famous & Infamous
Handwriting samples of 75 politicians, film stars, authors, musicians and more, along with an analysis of their handwriting. Also features handwriting analysis tips. $16

The Complete Idiotís Guide to Handwriting Analysis

A comprehensive guide Gestalt method of graphology, with plenty of valuable information, even for the experienced handwriting analyst. Also resources for correspondence courses, organizations, certification, and guidelines on how to sell your services, plus much more (Macmillan, 1999). $16.95, autographed by the author.

Answers to Legal Questions for Handwriting Analysts

A lawyer and a handwriting analyst tackle important questions facing handwriting professionals: privacy, copyright, EEOC, ADA and more. The subject of one of the most popular lectures at the 1998 Vanguard Conference.$20

Answers to Legal Questions About Handwriting Analysis for Employers

Concerned employers can now order this 20-page booklet to answer their questions about the legal aspects of using handwriting analysis. Written by an attorney and a handwriting analyst, Answers to Legal Questions About Handwriting Analysis for Employers covers issues of privacy, the EEOC and the Americans with Disabilities Act. It also provides forms the employer can use to help ensure s/he stays within legal boundaries. † $20

New!!! The Addictive Personality & it's Handwriting

What do shopping, eating, religion, the Internet, alcohol and talking have in common? Includes features of the addictive personality; four types of abusive family structures; characteristics of the healthy personality.†† $15.00

Beneath It All-- The Lower Zone & Your Subconscious

An explanation of the lower zone, where basic drives and memories are stored. Learn the difference between fantasy and imagination, intuition, and conscious thought. Through a discussion of the Freudian concept of the id, discover how the lower zone distributes the energy of the personality. Many fascinating and unusual handwriting samples. $10.00

Looking at the Big Picture--Recognizing the Gestalt of Handwriting and Synthesizing Your Findings
If you have learned to compile a list of personality traits but don't understand how to synthesize them into a meaningful analysis, this monograph will show you. You will learn about the pictures of space, form, and movement and what they mean to your analysis. $10.00

Dealing With Your Pain--Coping & Defense Mechanisms

Learn about the many defenses we employ to help deal with the unpleasant experiences of life and see where these can be detected in handwriting. Repression, denial, aggression, self-criticism, or any of the other myriad of defenses--you will undoubtedly find yourself somewhere in these pages. $10.00

Serial Killers--The Face of Evil

What makes up the personality of a serial killer? What kind of childhood did he have? Is it possible to predict the "serial killer personality" from handwriting? Explore the answers to these intriguing questions. $15.00

Character Structure and Handwriting -A discussion of the schizoid, obsessional, hysteric and depressive personalities

Explore personality development and see what happens when early childhood trauma interferes with normal emotional growth. The oral, anal and phallic periods of life are discussed in this monograph. Learn what to look for in handwriting to understand these stages of development. Provides an overview of personality development under stress. $20.00

Professional Graphology, The Next Step

Have you studied graphology for some time and are now wondering whether you are ready to set up your own handwriting analysis practice? Included is a history of modern graphology, personality development, help with fee structure, ethics, and much more. $10.00

Introduction to Gestalt Graphology

An overview of the two primary methods of handwriting analysis, trait-stroke and gestalt. If you are new to handwriting analysis, or if you are curious about what "gestalt" really means, this monograph will provide a basis for understanding the difference between the two methods of analysis. $15.00

Jung's Typologies Applied to Handwriting

Do you need to know how to make a quick assessment of a handwriting? Typologies are a valuable resource to help you get an instant understanding of personality. Using the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator as a base, this monograph helps you recognize and identify the writer's type. $15.00

Graphology In Industry--Marketing Yourself

Now you're certified and ready to develop a graphological practice, but how do you do it? The first part of this paper contains many practical hints on getting into business, while the second part provides information you can use to create an effective marketing tool for yourself. Using the methods outlined in Graphology In Industry, the author created her own self-supporting practice. $15.00

Marketing Tools for the Handwriting Professional

A collection of forms, marketing letters, and contracts for the handwriting professional, Tools will provide much of what you need to help get your handwriting analysis practice off the ground. It also includes "Hiring the Write Way," a twelve page booklet that you can use as a model to give to your own clients and prospects. (Also available on disk for Word Perfect and Microsoft Word) $20.00

Lectures That Sell

How to prepare a business lecture and deliver it effectively. A sample business lecture is included, along with transparencies to use in the lecture. $15.00

Compendium of Descriptive Paragraphs (also available on floppy disk in a variety of formats)

If you've ever been at a loss on what to say in an analysis, you need the Compendium. Just look up the personality characteristic you want to describe and you'll find a whole list of paragraphs to choose from. Over one hundred different characteristics discussed. Available in hard copy and/or floppy disk (please specify word processing format or ASCII and disk size). Hard copy $40.00 Diskette $30.00 Both $50.00

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