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About Sheila Lowe:

Sheila Lowe began her study of handwriting in 1967. Now a court-qualified handwriting expert, her clientele includes corporate clients, mental health professionals, Offices of the Public Defender, attorneys, and private investigators. Active in promoting professionalism in her field, she has served in a variety of capacities on the board of directors of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation.

She is often seen in the media, and publishes The Vanguard, a periodical for handwriting professionals and serious students. Ms. Lowe has authored numerous monographs and trains those interested in pursuing a career in graphology. She sponsors the nationally acclaimed Vanguard Conferences, which are specifically designed to elevate the standards of handwriting professionals. Her company, Sheila Lowe & Associates, The Write Choice!, serves a broad spectrum of clients in fields extending from staffing services to real estate, financial services, psychologists, private investigation, medical, construction, hospitality, manufacturing, automotive, and others.

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