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Sheila Lowe's Personal Handwriting Analyzer

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The Personal Handwriting Analyzer

Do you want to know yourself or someone else better? Make better choices in relationships? Understand your children (or your parents) better?

The Personal Handwriting Analyzer software is designed to give you the information you need to develop healthier relationships. Easy to learn, accurate and effective, the PHA will help you understand what makes the people in your life tick.

Handwriting analysis is not a parlor trick. It can't tell the future. It can, however, tell a lot about the past and how the writer is likely to handle a wide variety of situations.

Professional Analyzer Personal Analyzer
Business Analysis Yes No
Personal Analysis Yes Yes
Comprehensive Report Yes Yes
Key Phrase Report Yes Yes
Graph Yes No
Job matching Yes No
Export Output Yes No
Copy/Paste to Word Processors Yes No
Interest Indicator Yes No
Success Potential Yes No
Job Profile Builder Yes No
Vocational Interest Graph Yes No
Results Review Yes No
Can be used for personnel screening Yes No
Job/Candidate Ranking V4.0



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